The top choice for infrastructure and aesthetic load bearing solutions

LA offers the best-in-class light gauge steel framing solutions across an extensive range of infrastructure projects. Being the top light gauge steel framing manufacturer in Bangladesh, we offer a complete package right from planning, designing, manufacturing to site installation. Designed and constructed as per specific demands of the customer and delivered for a quick installation, these LGSF structures are a vastly beneficial solution for quick construction and efficient operation. Having a vast expertise in manufacturing the best LGSF structures, LA commits to serve the benefits of innovative features that are incorporated in its production process.

This state-of-the-art technology is incorporated by the top light gauge steel framing company and there are multiple applications to serve in commercial and residential sector. Light gauge steel framing combines many advantages and depending upon features of the installation site, can be modified to suit specific demands. Insulated sandwich panels are used to clad the walls made from LGSF and offer a complete load bearing setup. For the best light gauge steel framing solution, there is no name other than LA that resonates with quality and perfection.

This form of construction offers the following benefits:

  • Lightweight and quick manufacturing processes make these construction solutions viable options with vast benefits
  • Having a light gauge, these structures can be formed to any shape and thus offer great flexibility of design and operation
  • Being offered with multiple facet cladding options, these structural units are aesthetically appealing and serve the best load bearing functions
  • Being non-combustible and corrosion resistant, LGSF solutions from LA, the top light gauge steel framing supplier are 100% safe and offer extreme durability for life time service


When you choose a customized LA Sandwich Panel Solution, you can be assured at the forefront of  industry research and product  development, our exhaustive R & D and accredited testing program embraces all products in our extensive range.