Lightweight, durable and portable prefab enclosures

Construction sites and liftable cabins go hand in hand. These lightweight enclosures offer ready to move in solutions and a quick set up. LA  being the top liftable cabin manufacturer in Bangladesh offers the most convenient solution for a myriad of applications. Designed by a panel of expert architects, structural engineers, interior designers with valuable inputs from existing users, the liftable cabins in Bangladesh are a unique tailored solution that satisfy varying customer demands. Their sturdy construction and supreme rigidity make them suitable for the most demanding conditions with an ability to withstand earthquakes and deliver weather-proof, leak-proof and faultless storage solutions.
LA is one of the leading liftable portable cabin.


Best-in-class liftable cabin features


Being lightweight and durable, the liftable site cabins offer easy relocation and hassle free service. Suitable for vast application ranges and offered in various sizes and designs, they are breakthrough solutions that come with the following features:

  • Great resistance to natural disasters and weatherproof
  • Safe unit transportation by truck
  • Aesthetic finish of the liftable cabin requires no additional painting
  • All electrical facility – wiring, socket, light fixtures are provided
  • The portable cottages require no foundation
  • Adequate insulation of storage liftable cabin maintains a 5-7oC ambient temperature difference
  • High tolerance, corrosion resistance and durability are the praised features of our liftable container cabins


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Liftable cabin manufacturing technology

The side walls, ceilings and floors of the liftable cabins manufactured by LA – one of the best liftable cabin companies are provided with pre-painted G.I sheet / SS sheets / Aluminum sheets with proper insulation of polyurethane / EPS to resist heat in summer and restore heat during winters. These specifications make them applicable for all weather use. Pre-fabricated buildings are made from steel to guarantee safety and durability at all costs.


Affordable housing solution for following applications

Manufactured as per specific customer requirements, portable structures are a suitable solution for the following applications:

  • Family accommodation
  • Single executive accommodation
  • Portable site office
  • Recreation room
  • Special purpose cabins
  • Portable stores
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Mess [dining]
  • Dormitory
  • Laboratory
  • Portable toilet cabins
  • Site accommodation


When you choose a customized LA Sandwich Panel Solution, you can be assured at the forefront of  industry research and product  development, our exhaustive R & D and accredited testing program embraces all products in our extensive range.