Smart and energy-efficient housing solutions


K-Houses are the latest introductions to prefabricated structure construction and have gained wide popularity in vast applications. LA, the top prefabricated K-House manufacturer in Bangladesh serves the best economical prefabricated structures that are constructed as a combination of several modules.

Build as per an efficient design and structured based on IS code standards, LA  manufactured prefabricated K-Houses are enveloped in dry walls made from the best sandwich panels..

Best-in-class K-House features

Suitable for a wide range of applications, K-Houses are a perfect solution to myriad constructions and act as quick and effective alternative to conventional ways. With a lightweight skeleton and best insulated panel envelop, these prefabricated houses manufactured by LA, the top prefabricated K-Home supplier are convenient to assemble and disassemble. Their top features include the following:

  • Lightweight and stable structure from a flexible construction
  • Safe and reliable design that meets the construction requirements
  • Easy relocation from a hassle free assembly and disassembly
  • Diverse facet options from attractive panels to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the structure
  • K-Houses manufactured by LA are weatherproof and water repellant
  • The leakproof structure helps retain heat and effectively insulates the interiors from harsh outdoor temperatures
  • The structure and panels are corrosion resistant making it last for a lifetime
  •  LA, the best portable house manufacturer in Bangladesh offers products that can effectively be transported between locations


K-House utilization

K-Houses have a wide usage as temporary constructions and are widely adopted as the best re-locatable structures. Liftable structures have vast benefits that popularize their utilization in the following:

  • Site office / Camp office
  • Engineer Accommodation
  • Labour Accommodation
  • Family Accommodation
  • Time Office / QC Office
  • Canteen / Site Kitchen
  • School & Training centers
  • Health Centers/ Anganwadis
  • Ablution / Toilet block
  • Disaster relief camps / Refugee camps
  • Temporary hospitals


When you choose a customized LA Sandwich Panel Solution, you can be assured at the forefront of  industry research and product  development, our exhaustive R & D and accredited testing program embraces all products in our extensive range.