Safe and sound building solutions

Glasswool panels are excellent fire resistant panels that suffice myriad construction applications. These panels are made from non-flammable glass fibre which prevents spread of fire. LA being the top glasswool manufacturer in Bangladesh has a vast expertise in manufacturing the best-in-class panels that offer great thermal insulation.

LA manufactures the best glasswool panels that are produced from finest non-flammable glass fibres. Being cost-effective and durable, glasswool serves excellent insulation purposes and acts as a barrier to spread of fire.


Best-in-class glasswool panel features

Manufactured from the best grade raw material, LA glass wool panel can serve a safe application for building construction, sheds, prefabricated structures, residential and industrial buildings. The following product features make LA the best choice for glasswool panel supplier in India:

  • Fire resistance: The core material of glasswool panels is inflammable and insulating. Thus it prevents flames from spreading and is a viable choice for fire-resistant constructions.
  • Thermal Insulation:Glasswool is a material renowned for its impeccable thermal insulation properties and water resistance.
  • Sound absorption: Glasswool panels absorb sound as the core structure comprises of porous air pockets.
  • Anti-corrosive properties: EPACK, the best manufacturer of glasswool panels offers products which have the ability to maintain original form and shape. Being an inorganic substance, chances of wear and tear and very little. The panels are known for their durability and the ability to resist shock and vibrations.



Technical Details


Glasswool panel manufacturing technology


Intended for use in commercial, industrial, residential, institutional and temporary constructions, the glass panels must be manufactured as per the highest standards of quality and efficiency. LA, the top notch glasswool panel manufacturer and supplier incorporates the best techniques in its production process and ensures that its customers receive unmatched products that are an example for performance and efficiency. The flexible manufacturing process results in a perfect solution for every application and serves effective benefits with its precision and high quality construction.


Wide range applications of glasswool panels


LA offers the best quality glasswool panels that are a sufficient solution for wide ranges of application. The panels are a perfect envelop for building roofs, HVAC system insulations, wall facets, and ductwork for the following constructions:




When you choose a customized LA Sandwich Panel Solution, you can be assured at the forefront of  industry research and product  development, our exhaustive R & D and accredited testing program embraces all products in our extensive range.